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GraniteKey works closely with customers to bring Solid Foundations™ into their process of planning risk management and security needs to ensure a seamless integration of technology, business processes and objectives. Our customers and partners use GraniteView™ to assist in this process.


Our Security Technology Consulting services are designed to help you build the right security solution for your business, provide assistance with your implementation, and train for your technical or non-technical staff.


Use our GraniteLock™ product if your solution requires anti-cloning, IP protection, and licensing. GraniteLock™ also comes with security modules that can easily be integrated into your application. We work closely with technology partners to ensure the best solution is available to customers. We also participate in the development of best practices as well as industry standards to ensure excellence in the management and deployment of secure solutions.


Attend a GraniteKey Security Webinar or Seminar


Attend our seminars and webinars to get a deeper understanding of security technologies and the Solid Foundations™ that are required to create excellence in security.




Our clients are a diverse group and part of their satisfaction lies in the respect we guarantee for their privacy. So instead of reeling off a list of well-recognized names, we prefer to focus on the work we do for them and the expertise we bring to the table. In addition to our GraniteLock™ solution, GraniteKey has also developed solutions to help secure the follow types of devices and services:


• Authentication / VPN
• Identity Management
• Data security
• Anti-cloning
• Trusted Computing Platform
  security (TPM technology)
• Network / IT security
• Enterprise applications
• Smart Cards
• Homeland Security
• FIPS140-2, Common Criteria
  (CC) solutions
• PKI applications
• Health Care / HIPAA
• VoIP, Telecom
• Secure hardware components
• Product identification
• Credit Card / Point of Sale
• Banking and financial transactions
• Embedded solutions
• Network devices
• Shipping / logistics
• Digital Rights Management (DRM)
• IP Protection
• New licensing models
• Biometrics
• Government security
• RFID security and implementation
• Anti-tampering solutions
• Smart Grid Security (AMI, ICS, NERC CIP)

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Security Consulting


GraniteKey has experience across a broad range of security deployments and vertical markets. The need to merge the understanding of the business environment, regulatory environment, and security technologies with risk management and implementation is fundamental to all security projects / deployments. Work with GraniteKey either at the planning / design or implementation / monitoring stages of your project. GraniteKey is currently focused on smart grid / energy, medical devices, mobile and embedded markets, but our security expertise is relevant across a broad range of markets.

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Secure Mobile Application Development


We have an iPhone / iPad development team and have built business and consumer applications which are in the Apple Apps Store. Applications include medical, business collaboration, conference, energy, and media applications. Many of these applications have been implemented with identity, encryption, access, and integrity features. We also build server / services using Ruby-on-Rails as necessary to support mobile applications.

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Embedded Security


We started our business originally to support embedded security which use FIPS140-2 / CC level devices including smart cards, security tokens, TPM's, and a variety of security chips. We have assisted customers in security design, firmware development, and implementation integrating these technologies into their business processes (e.g. licensing, anti-counterfeiting, identity / secure communications) and into a variety of embedded system platforms.

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