About GraniteKey

What we Do

What do fortune 100 companies, government, and smart businesses have in common with you? They turn to GraniteKey when they need to secure their products, services and operations. At GraniteKey we are experts in risk analysis, security planning, business process, security design, technology selection and implementation. Most importantly, we know how to use our expertise to help you achieve your business objectives.

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Why we do it better.

Excellence in security starts with excellence in management. Implementing complex security technologies, such as cryptography, key management and PKI is not nearly as challenging as conducting solid management practices. Using our Solid Foundations™ process, GraniteKey helps you analyze and plan for risk, adopt business practices that enhance your security solution, plan your security roadmap, and define your objectives and measurements to ensure excellence from the beginning of a project.

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Management Team

Mark Schaeffer


Mark Schaeffer has over 20 years of product development, product marketing, financial analysis, and engineering experience in the security, semiconductors, Internet, telecommunications, enterprise software, healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. Mark has launched several products including the Cingular/AT&T’s Wirelesses' PCS/cellular service, an auditing system for Deloitte Touche, and several security and enterprise products with VC backed startup companies, several of which he co-founded.

An entrepreneur and business builder at heart, Mark success lies in his philosophy that that a good product solution must start with a deep understanding of business/customer requirements, business processes, and competing solutions, followed by program / product design and implementation. By getting involved at the earliest stages of a project, Mark not only helps businesses with successfully launching products, but also works with businesses to help ensure long-term business success.

Mark has held senior positions at IBM, Deloitte Touche, Mercer Management Consulting, Cingular/AT&T, and several VC backed start up ventures. Additionally, he has presented numerous speaking engagements on topics including B2B marketing, security technologies, channel marketing, human behavior, and related fields.

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Mike Ahmadi, CISSP
COO, VP Services


Mike Ahmadi has an extensive background in both Project Management and Information Systems. His management experience in both technology and non-technology related fields spans over 20 years. Recent achievements include a position as CIO of a major retail organization and CIO of a brokerage organization. He has also been named on a recent patent for a Business Intelligence application for both desktop and mobile users.

As a technologist, Mike has always believed that successful technologies are correctly measured by the net effect on business metrics and holds the philosophy that all projects require both clear cut objectives and a clearly defined execution strategy to ensure success. Mike co-founded the RFID Security Alliance, which serves to educate stakeholders about security issues surrounding RFID solutions.

Mike has served on the California Privacy and Security Advisory Board (CalPSAB) Security Committee, whose focus is the creation and management of health care security policies for the State of California Office of Health Information Integrity (CalOHII), in response to current HIPAA HITECH operative laws.

Mike has also served on NIST Cyber Security Working Groups in creating guidelines/requirements for Smart Grid security.

Mike attended Case Western Reserve University and Las Positas College, and has completed Microsoft, as well as other technical certifications.

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