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GraniteKey works closely with customers to bring Solid Foundations™ into their process of planning risk management and security needs to ensure a seamless integration of technology, business processes and objectives. Our customers and partners use GraniteView™ to assist in this process. (For more information on GraniteView contact us:


Our Security Technology Consulting services are designed to help you build the right security solution for your business, provide assistance with your implementation, and train for your technical or non-technical staff.


Use our GraniteLock™ product if your solution requires anti-cloning, IP protection, and licensing. GraniteLock™ also comes with security modules that can easily be integrated into your application. We work closely with technology partners to ensure the best solution is available to customers. We also participate in the development of best practices as well as industry standards to ensure excellence in the management and deployment of secure solutions.



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Smart Grid

GraniteKey is deeply involved in the smart meter / smart grid community having worked with a variety of utilities, meter vendors, component vendors, software vendors, network vendors, and State and Federal agencies. We have developed the Smart Grid Security Summit series of conferences where a wide variety of industry parties can listen to key speakers in the industry and get together to discuss the critical issues regarding the security of the smart grid. Based in San Francisco, we have had the opportunity to work especially closely with the California Public Utilities Comission and the smart grid deployment activities in California. We also work closely with Department of Homeland Security ICS CERT (ICSJWG), NIST SGIP Cyber Security Working Groups (CSWG), and UCAIUG OpenSG Security.

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Smart Energy

Our work in the Smart Grid has led us to be involved with energy management, clean energy, and the electric vehicle industry. Our expertise is focused on mobile, embedded, and security technologies to support these industries as well as economic / financial, marketing / distribution, and policy issues. We are active in a variety of groups / communities regarding smart energy. Please visit Smart Energy Policy BLOG.

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We are involved with the mobile health and medical records management industry, assisting customers at understanding and complying with the regulatory environment as well as helping them understand opportunities to deploy their technologies. Expertise in consulting on HIPAA HITECH regulations.

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Medical Devices

We are very knowledgeable of the regulatory and market environments for medical devices and assist customers with compliance and implementations. We have developed several security and mobile applications for customers.

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Security Business Development

Our continuous and active involvement with the smart grid, mHealth, medical devices, enterprise, and embedded security markets, provides us with the opportunity to help customers mange their business strategies, identify key markets / customers, and make connections.

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